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  1. Pets are not allowed in the Dalat Wonder resort.
  2. Smoking is allowed only at authorized signboards and / or outside residential balconies. Absolutely do not smoke in unauthorized areas and / or in rooms (except in balconies). In case of violation of this regulation, Guests must pay a compensation fee for the restoration, deep cleaning, deodorization of smelly equipment and utensils of 2,000,000 VND for a stay with detecting smoking haunting. smell in the room.
  3. Comply with safety regulations while on a moving vehicle within the resort area.
  4. To behave properly in public: Respect first come, last come order; Priority is given to pregnant women, the disabled, the elderly and the weak; Do not make noise, screaming; Not setting feet or resting feet on chairs and not doing other uncultural activities in public areas; Managing children in public areas.
  5. Please return the room key to the Reception staff when checking out of the Hotel.
  6. Please store your valuables in the in-room safe or keep them at the front desk. The resort has no liability for loss or damage to the guests' personal property in the event of failure to comply with the regulations.
  7. When leaving the guest room, make sure (i) all electrical equipment has been returned to the original condition; (ii) the door is securely locked; and (iii) not give out the room key to anyone else.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to cook in the room. Requires use of electrical equipment for the right purpose.
  9. Do not bring food and drink purchased from outside into the resort. If you bring it in, please pay an additional service fee of VND 2,000,000 / time for the resort. At the same time, the resort will not be responsible for food safety and hygiene when guests use food brought from outside into the resort.
  10. Do not bring strong smells of fruits (durian ...) into the bedroom of the resort.
  11. No weapons, chemicals or explosives are allowed into the resort area at any time.
  12. Some items in the Living room will be charged if lost or broken. Please refer to the list of items that will be charged / sold in the room.
  13. It is strictly forbidden to conduct illegal activities in the resort such as gambling, prostitution or drug use.
  14. Guests are allowed to dry their clothes only in the bathroom area in the accommodation. If Guests wish to dry their clothes in the balcony and / or other public areas, please pay an additional service fee equivalent to 70% of the Hotel's laundry cost for each improper drying item .
  15. In case there are guests visiting guests at the resort area, please notify the Reception. For security reasons, guests are not allowed to enter the guests' room after 8:00 pm. If guests wish to invite guests to stay overnight, guests must register with the Hotel Reception and pay the accommodation fee in accordance with the resort's regulations.
  16. Guests using the swimming pool after 19:00 must guarantee and be responsible for the safety of their own health and life without any claims to the resort. The resort will close the swimming pool at 20:00 to avoid unfortunate accidents. Please do not use the swimming pool after 20:00.
  17. Please wear appropriate clothes when staying in the common area of ​​the resort, especially in public areas such as foyers, restaurants ... To show respect for other cultures, Great guests not in the nude, including children.
  18. Carry out other procedures as prescribed by Dalat Wonder resort from time to time (if any).
  19. The resort management may request the guest to leave the resort without reimbursing any charges for those who intentionally ignore and violate the hotel's rules and regulations.